Shop Opening Paddock Legends Retail Store at Motorworld Cologne Rhineland 

We are pleased to inform you that we have opened another stationary Paddock Legends Shop with a large range of products. From now on you will find us in the Motorworld Cologne Rhineland (Butzweilerhof), next to our already existing Paddock Legends Shop in the Ring°boulevard of the world famous race track, the Nürburgring. 

In Cologne you will now also find a large selection of our motorsport-oriented collections, the entire variety of which you can still find in our online shop. Above all, the cult collections of our complete range, such as those of the Gulf Racing brand, Porsche Motorsport and Kremer Racing, whose headquarters are located very close to the Motorworld Cologne. Also the worldwide unique private collection of Michael Schumacher with historical unique items from his active Formula 1 career, such as his legendary racing cars, suits, helmets and trophies. This exhibition is sponsored by and officially part of Michael Schumacher’s Keep Fighting Foundation. 

In addition to this special feature, there are many other attractions at Motorworld Cologne, including the pop-up studio of the well-known artist Armin Flossdorf. He is otherwise mainly present at the Formula 1 races in the Paddock Club and paints breathtaking large canvases of racing legends, Formula 1 racing cars and well-known personalities live there. Other highlights of Motorworld Cologne are a large number of vintage car exhibits, other small shops related to horsepower as well as an Italian restaurant, steakhouse and the V8 Hotel.